Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in Nepal in 2019

Computer programming has become a growing profession in the world of Information Technology and Data Science. Programming comes in various forms ranging from Embedded Systems to Web Development. So in context of various locations and varying demands programming languages also have different market shares. Here the best programming languages to learn in context of Nepal is discussed.

top 5 programming language to learn in Nepal

Javascript with HTML/CSS : With development of typescript, ECMA script and google V8 engine javascript has been a major programming language rather than a mere client side scripting language. Major frameworks like Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, Ember JS, Node JS(a server side JS language) javascript has taken a major turn. With proper knowledge of JS one can develop asynchronous apps to mobile app. Learning JS is a huge plus as one can develop mobile apps, web apps and even machine level apps. Combining it with a knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS 3 can be a huge plus as frontend developer in Nepal.

PHP : With wordpress occupying 34 percent of the web market share and introduction of advanced frameworks like Laravel PHP is still high on it’s web market share. It has many ready made frameworks, CMS and tools which enables you to create websites in minutes. Laravel Developer, WordPress Developer and Codeigniter Developers all fall under the group of PHP developer. PHP has a high job prospect in Nepal.

.NET : Recent Surveys and reviewing the job numbers in jobsnepal and mero job show the increase in demand of .NET developers. .NET is a enterprise level application development tool which can be used to create both web and desktop applications with ease and convenience. .NET along with good knowledge of SQL Server can prove as a good job prospects. Moreover people with good knowledge of SQL Server with basic knowledge of .NET can also apply for DBA jobs or SQL Developer Jobs. So .NET with SQL server also provides a good prospect.

Java : Java is a monster programming language that can be used from creating systems in microwave oven to websites to programming artificial intelligence. With frameworks like Hibernate and Spring becoming robust and popular Java is a major programming language built on write once run everywhere philosophy. Java is always a good first language to learn because it can make a good OOP programming habit. Moreover the Android Mobile development native code is written in Java. So Java is always a good language to learn.

Python : Python is a upcoming programming language in context of machine learning in Nepal. Python has become famous for first time learners as it is easy to learn and is also multipurpose unlike PHP which is used only for the web. With emergence of Data Analytics and Machine Learning Python is having its grip on market of Programming languages in Nepal. Python also has web framework called Django which is very convenient for Web Application Development.

The information is based on context of job market of Nepal and future prospect. Programming is always a changing field so learning more than one language is always convenient.

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