Buddha was born in Nepal

Not 1 but 3 Buddha were born in Nepal

Nepal is the birth place of Prince Siddhartha Gautama who later on went to become Shakyamuni Buddha or the Buddha of our era. Not many people know that buddhist texts speak of 29 major buddhas one of whom is the future buddha known as Maitreya Buddha. Before Siddhartha Gautama 2 buddhas Krakucchanda(kakushanda) and Kanakmuni(Konagamana) are closely related with Nepal. Krakucchanda buddha is noted to be born on khemavatinagara of Nepal and Kanakmuni buddha is noted to be born on Sobhavatinagara of Nepal.

Krakucchanda Buddha, Kassapa Buddha and Kanakmuni buddha have been said to visit Swayambhunath before Gautama Buddha. Krakucchanda Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment in Gotihawa, Nepal and Kanakmuni Buddha have been said to attained enlightenment in Niglihawa, Nepal. Nepal is also closely related with Padmashabhav, Ratnasambhav, Manjushri and 100 of other bodhisatwas too. Nepal is ancient hub for ancient hinduism and buddhism which are very different from puranic hinduism.

Nepal is a land which contains several ancient buddhist sites like boudhanath, swyambhunath, chovar, padmashabhav cave and other historic buddhist sites and is a major place for thervada, vajrayana and mahayana buddhism. Nepal also contains several religious places for Bon religion too. Nepal have also carried the spirit of buddhism as all religions within Nepal have huge respect and belief in buddha including Buddhist, Hindu and Kirat religions. All hindus and Kirat religion worship and have huge respect for buddha. However the buddhist population is under threat from christian conversion in Nepal. All Nepali should look forward to preserving the spirit of buddhism in Nepal.

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