Is Banning PUBG the solution?

We had a recent upheaval as the government decided to ban PUBG in Nepal which was lifted again after the supreme court decided to uplift the ban. Many parents blamed PUBG for ruining their kids and kids not giving attention to their studies. They even filed cases at the CDO office. Parents often blame children for playing computer games.

Elsewhere in India and other parts there were reports of sucide and mental health problems by paying PUBG. So PUBG has been famous for a game that ruins life. People have been complaining that PUBG is a bad thing and it should not be played. But have we looked at the root of the problem? Even after putting a ban on one game called PUBG, other games will come until there will be a point to ban all computer and mobile games.

Games have a positive side too. They are shown to heal depression and enhance creativity and problem solving skills. The problems do not lie only in the games. We have to look at a bigger picture of mental health of people and children in this economic centered age. How can a person just commit suicide by playing a game if they are not depressed to begin with.

Look at the kids with a bags full of school books with the weights of bags like military bags. Look at parents giving a 2 year old child a mobile phone so they can keep them off. Look at the playgrounds, can you find even one? There are no spaces to play outside. Children are suffering from dyslexia with too much mathematics. Creativity like painting and art are being sacrificed for computer science and physics only. People no longer can pursue there interests. There is comparison between kids on who has higher percentage.

And what do you think such kids to do instead of enjoying themselves with a mere computer game. There are no other source of accomplishment for them. I think the problem lies in not balancing the kid’s life from the parents side rather than banning PUBG. Its time that parents have to rethink, the statistics on suicide rates of children is terrible.

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