Corruption in Software in Nepal. How much does a software cost?

A few weeks ago a news was published in livingwithict magazine about the Rs 30 crore Software Corruption scandal while purchase of Nepal Stock Software. The article was interesting as it exposed the case of various software fraud in Nepal. It’s not the first time though. The Department of transport after its digitization became even worse as the server is seldom up and one has to wait 6 months to fill an online form which has even helped corruption more.

Software Development is not a field that has a direct eye of the public. So, when a software bid is created and when the project is handed it is not much of a concern of general public. It is amazing when we see bid of crores and crores for creating a software. While private firms make software for large companies within lakhs it takes crores to build softwares for the government. Even the cost of websites are made in lakhs while many organizations do it from 25000. Software budgeting and control should be a major concern of related ministry of Nepal.

How much does a software cost?

The case of nepalstock software seemed to bring lot of illusion under light. The software was taken by a company named waiko which made as an illusion as foreign company but was a Nepali Company. It was outsourced to indian company in 15 crores and in turn it outsourced the software to a local company in 5 crores. Moreover the software failed to operate even for 3 hours. What a shame and insult to our administration. All 25 crores were taken as commission in between. A software that can be created by Nepali in 50 lakhs has to be outsourced for 30 crores and yet a software that does not work is given. It is just a small picture of huge corruption in Nepal.

Months ago the websites of defence ministry along with other ministries were hacked by turkish hackers. Defence ministry should secure the cyber space of Nepal but it’s website got hacked which shows a real problem on knowledge of cyber security. The cyber space is a very sensitive area and should be taken as priority and audit of information systems should be done properly if the so called Digital Nepal is to be promoted. Fake Voices of free Wifi in Villages wont create a Digital Space in Nepal

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