Chinese Apps Alternatives to US Monopoly

The recent news of America putting a Ban on Huawei on use of any American Products including software products took the world by surprise. Huawei can no longer use Google Android OS, the playstore, facebook, twitter, youtube or any american brand based products. The decision looked a mix of political and business rivalry. Let us look at alternatives of various popular Apps like Android, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube and Google Maps

Hongmeng OS : This week huawei registered its hongmeng OS trademark setting up a new OS for its users. The chinese market is filled with chinese social networking platforms and Hongmeng can easily provide access for all these platforms. So Huawei will survive in the huge chinese market. Also Chinese people and Huawei brand Lovers will sympathise huawei and look to try something new. The Android market has already been saturated and people don’t look at Android’s update with same enthusiasm as they used to look during the icecream sandwich days. With more than 40 percent market share in europe, Huawei has some grip if that can produce a decent Operating System challenging google in long run.

Chinese Apps Alternatives to US Monopoly

We Chat: The chinese people wake up to WeChat message and use WeChat for social networking too. With 1.08 billion monthly active WeChat users, it a key messaging platform only behind Facebook and Whatsapp. WeChat has some market in the outside china too and it dominant in China. China is huge market. Now with Hongmeng OS in Android devices Huawei Lovers may switch to We Chat providing a challenge for American Social Networking Sites.

Chinese Apps Alternatives to US Monopoly

Baidu Maps : The Chinese alternative to google maps is the Baidu Maps. Already in china the baidu maps is more popular than google maps. By making the baidu maps more language friendly it can poise a threat to google maps. Baidu is also the largest search engine in china and about 70 % traffic within China is done using Baidu. And again if it comes inbuilt with hongmeng OS people may built a habit for it.

Youkou : The chinese use youkou in place of Youtube. It is quite popular in china and could be the next big thing for video sharing and it can come default integrated with Hongmeng OS which could change the ecosystem of social media in China and Asia to the least.

Similary there are Apps like Renren, Mobikes, Didi and more china have already proved they are good enough with all kinds of app that are produced by American Software vendors. The only question is can they market it outisde China. With huawei’s market reputation and brand name and also the fear of American Monopoly in technology looming around Chinese Apps may have a very good oppurtunity through the Huawei’s new OS. Let us look forward to new and innovative Chinese Smartphone market. After all the smartphone market needs something new.

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